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One Of A Kind

My memories of my grandmother are very special to me. She died when I was in my twenties so she had a big impact on my adolescents as well as my childhood. She wasn’t what you’d call a typical grandmother. She wasn’t cuddly, always found in an apron baking cakes or sweet things or with a bun in her hair. She was smartly dressed, with a handbag like the Queen has draped over her arm, red lipstick and pearls. Most of the images of my grandmother that spring to mind are of her in a twin set. I don’t ever recall her wearing trousers but she must have done when she was on holiday. She always looked smart and well-presented and when smoking was still in vogue, she would have a cigarette in hand, taken from a cigarette holder which resided in that famous handbag.

I can remember my father was always the one to make her giggle. She did have a great sense of humour but she put on an air of indifference although when she cracked, her giggling was so infectious. Just before she died when she was silent and still with Alzheimer’s, she moved an eye lid to the sound of father’s voice – she wasn’t his mother but their connection was one of mutual respect and appreciation which had developed over many, many years.
She always had a wonderful smell about her. I can see her sitting at her dressing table using a powder puff to cover her face with powder. She must have worn perfume but I’m not sure of the make which is a shame as it would be an instance reminder of her. But she had great skin, albeit a bit weathered. If she was around today, she’d be using the best organic lip balm in Australia she could find but she probably made do with just her powder.

She was an amazing lady. She drove a fire engine during the blitz in London so she was no shrinking violet. She had a naval officer husband who was away at sea for years on end while she raised the family while doing her bit for the war effort. She lived a privileged but hard life as many did during those years. But best of all she was my grandmother. She had crayons and colouring books crammed into cupboards and a top drawer of a chest which was placed beside her favourite chair stuffed full of sweeties which all the grandchildren used to ‘borrow’ when she wasn’t looking! There was early morning tea, afternoon tea, presents from the Christmas tree to mention a few. Her glasses always had powder on them and that handbag never changed nor did her twin set and pearls. She was a one-of-a-kind.

A Look At Different Hair Extension Methods

For a long time, hair extensions have elicited negative images of fake hair, messy glues and tangles galore to most women. However, new innovative technological improvements have totally changed the look and feel of hair extensions providing safer and easier methods of attaching hair extensions. For years, most women have been stuck with the wrong idea that extensions will only damage their hair. This negativity has largely been caused by wrong methods of attaching extensions. Nonetheless, with the right attachment methods done by experts in a hair extensions salon, they not only add texture but also volume and color to your hair. Described below are the various hair extensions’ attachment methods.

Adhesive based fusion is one of the many attachment methods. Though the kind of adhesive utilized to apply is critical, it is arguably the best attachment method. A professional grade adhesive is important when using wax based adhesives since they have a low melting point. These adhesives are able to withstand both chemical treatments and heat.

Cold fusion is yet another attachment method. This is a new technology that uses ultrasound waves in lieu of heat to bind the extension to one’s hair. Absence of heat permits extensions to bind closer to the scalp thus creating a more invisible bond. This technique is ideal for bonding extensions to chemically treated hair or colored hair.

Another method of attaching hair extensions is weaving. This technique is usually used on tattoo removal extensions. It allows hair extensions to be held against the scalp by tiny braids. This method however applies strain and uneven weight to the natural hair where attached. It will normally occur when your hair is wet from swimming or when you have washed your hair. Not only does it loosens the weave but also tugs your hair causing it to break.

Metal tubing is mainly used for installing micro beaded extensions where small metal tubes are clamped over the real hair to attach the extension. This method however is not recommended by experts since in some cases, it only breaks off real hair. This method also adds weight to the hair.

Bonding is another attachment method. Extensions attached using this method has latex meant to be glued to your hair temporarily. It is a fast and inexpensive method of attaching extensions. To remove extensions attached using this method, oil and heat must be used to dissolve the bonding agent. Nonetheless, this is time consuming and messy. Where the latex plug is not removed carefully, it can pull out your own hair.

Heat shrink tubing is another method that will not harm your natural hair. Nevertheless, it does not have a lot of adhesives for holding the extension in place. A few washings will lead to loosening of tubes releasing strands which then cause the extension hair to fall out.

Finally, warm fusion is another attachment method. Here a small amount of keratin is attached on the ends of the strand. The extension strands are then attached to small sections of the hair near the scalp. Extensions attached through this method last for as long as three to six months.